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Licensed N.B. Redemption
Centre and Metal Recycling Plant

2 Locations in Moncton! We recycle bottles and scrap metal.


We recycle copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and more.

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Gorber Bottle Exchange: Metal and Other Recycling Services in Moncton

Gorber Bottle Exchange is dedicated to providing reliable recycling solutions to residential and commercial customers in the Moncton area.

Bottle Redemption Centre
Need to get rid of bottles from last weekend’s party? Our team will make sure that they get recycled responsibly. We are a licensed bottle redemption centre, meaning that you’ll get back your cash deposit on every bottle you return to our facility.

We’re also equipped to recycle copper and paper.

Environmentally Safe Battery Recycling
Batteries contain a number of metals and chemicals that can be harmful if consumed or if they leak into the ground and are transferred to your water system. Many of the materials used to create batteries can also be re-used by the manufacturer, providing a cost-effective and environmentally safer solution. The staff at Gorber Bottle Exchange we’ll take your dead or unwanted batteries and ensure that they are properly recycled.

Raise Money for Charity with a Bottle Drive
We also specialize in helping our customers organize bottle drives to raise money for their charity of choice. We’ll provide you with any resources or information you need to organize the drive. We’ll take care of recycling the bottles at the end of the event.

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